Entree and Tapas Talks

“Entree” Talks (1:15 pm CDT – 2:00 pm CDT)

Talk Number Talk Title Presenter(s) Institution(s)
1 Exploring AI to Predict Antibiotic Synthesis and Resistance Diane Baronas-Lowell Florida Atlantic University
2 Tiny Earth Partnerships with Area High School Teachers and Students and CZI Brian Merkel University of Wisconsin-Green Bay
3 Progress Toward a Tiny Earth Chemistry Course Katherine Maloney Point Loma Nazarene University
4 MultiscaTEP in Mexico: an opportunity to broaden the global network with an emphasis in biodiversity and complementarity le and diverse approaches during TEP implementation in Mexico Paco Barona-Gomez Langebio, Cinvestav-IPN

“Tapas” Talks (2:15 pm CDT – 3:00 pm CDT)

Talk Number Talk Title Presenter(s) Institution(s)
1 A bioinformatic analysis of antagonistic strains performed remotely by students in a microbiology class Hans Wildschutte Bowling Green State University
2 Introductory Phylogeny Activity with Connections to Tiny Earth Isolates Kristin Labby Beloit College
3 Combining Tiny Earth and Study Abroad: Flexibility During a Pandemic Brittany Gasper-Warrick Florida Southern College
4 Crowdsourcing antibiotic discovery from Endophytic Streptomyces Noraziah Zin Faculty of Health Sciences, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
5 A Virtual Lab Project to Explore Biosynthetic Gene Clusters in Mycobacterial Genomes Kim Borges Warren Wilson College
6 Searching for Novel Antibiotic Producing Endophytic Bacteria in Seeds Heather Seitz Johnson Community College
7 A Safer Alternative Method for Detecting Type III Secretion System Inhibitors Produced by Soil Bacteria Julie Torruellas Garcia Nova Southeastern University
8 Tiny Earth as the Bridge to Building Community Partnerships Heather Pelzel University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
9 CZI Tiny Earth at Beloit College Kristin Labby Beloit College
10 CZI at UW-River Falls – Tiny Earth in the Community Lathadevi Chintapenta University of Wisconsin-River Falls
11 CZI at UW-River Falls – Tiny Earth in the Community Amber Qureshi Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
12 Tiny Earth at UW – Madison: Hot Discoveries in Frozen Soil Josh Pultorak University of Wisconsin–Madison
13 Tiny Earth and CZI at NWTC Angelo Kolokithas Northeast Wisconsin Technical College