TE2020 Tips & Tricks

TE2020 is Tiny Earth’s first virtual symposium. Here’s what you need to know:

This year’s online symposium is hosted from the Tiny Earth website and on Zoom. Scroll below for some additional helpful information and some tips and tricks. To get access to the online sessions, you’ll need a password — check the email you used to register for the symposium.

We have a few requests for you:
  1. Do your best to “arrive” on time for your scheduled sessions. Keep in mind that on the second day of the symposium, students and instructors have different schedules. If you need help, reach out and we’ll get you pointed in the right direction. Also note that all listed times are in the Central time zone; plan accordingly!
  2. Bring your best virtual meeting etiquette. Stay muted when appropriate, use Zoom tools for only Tiny Earth-centric activities, and respect your fellow attendees, presenters, and hosts.
  3. Engage. Attend as much of the symposium as you can, and make sure that if you’re scheduled to present a poster or talk, you’re prepared and on time.

Tips & Tricks

Accessing Symposium Sessions

Visit the symposium’s schedule page (using the password you received by email) to access individual sessions by clicking on the linked session titles. Look for the green “Join Session” buttons on the day of the symposium to launch Zoom.

Getting Help

We’re bound to have some hiccups with our first major virtual event. Bear with us! We’ll do everything we can to help you have a great experience. You can reach out to us in a few ways:

  1. Us our contact us page to submit a request for help
  2. Look for the Messenger chat icon in the lower right of the website to chat directly with Tiny Earth support staff through Facebook Messenger
  3. Email us at tinyearth@wid.wisc.edu
  4. From inside a Zoom session, privately chat the host labeled “TECH SUPPORT”
  5. Enter the Virtual Break Room and ask a host for help
Using Zoom

It’s a good idea to download and install Zoom on your device before the symposium begins. The green “Join Session” buttons on the session web pages will prompt your browser to request to launch the Zoom application on your device.

When you first enter the Zoom session, you’ll probably be placed in a waiting room. Don’t panic! The host will let you in before long.

Once inside a session, you’ll be muted most of the time. Look for reaction and “raise hand” buttons, the built-in chat, and the video on/off button to interact with presenters, hosts, and other attendees. If you are called on to speak, a moderator will request to unmute you. Some sessions may also use breakout rooms, polls, and other tools — we’ll provide instructions as needed.

Having trouble with your connection? Turning off your video feed for a while may help.