Our Network

Tiny Earth is a global network of students and instructors dedicated to discovering new antibiotics from soil and creating engaging laboratory coursework.

Today nearly 10,000 students are enrolled annually in some version of the course initially chartered at Yale University in 2012 by Jo Handelsman; the network spans 45 states and 15 countries. The program, headquartered at UW-Madison’s Wisconsin Institute for Discovery, is more than just a class: a network of students and instructors share research findings, best practices, and enthusiasm for discovery, including at the community’s annual symposium. The name Tiny Earth reflects the program’s global reach, microscopic subjects, and tight-knit community. (Map is interactive. You may zoom and click on a pin to discover our various partners.)

Tiny Feature: our micromundo partners

FAQ’S about our Iberian Peninsula colleagues:

  • 25 Tiny Earth/MicroMundo hubs
  • 90 Tiny Earth Partners
  • Over 400 Grad Students
  • App. 100 High Schools
  • Over 2000 Tiny Earth/MicroMundo Young Researchers
  • Over 1000 soil samples
  • >15000 microorganisms tested