2. Sunflower Seed Endophytic Bacteria Used Against ESKAPE Relatives

Morgan J. Albright and Dr. Heather M. Seitz

Endophytic bacteria are bacteria that live within the plant and have not shown to cause any harm to the plant. Sunflower seeds were studied due to a lack of research on the subject and the sunflower being our state flower. The seeds were washed and then master plates were made. Next we used the spread patch technique and plated the 60 different bacteria against each of the ESKAPE relatives. We found 20 different bacteria candidates that inhibited at least one of the ESKAPE relatives, and some that inhibited four of the ESKAPE relatives. Those 20 were sent off for sequencing, and 15 were identified. Further research was halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be picked up in the future.