Tiny Earth Sequencing Facility Guide

Below are a number of sequencing facilities that can provide Sanger sequencing

services for your Tiny Earth course. In contacting companies/facilities, we learned that

many institutions are ending their Sanger sequencing services. We’ve been able to

identify the facilities below and in some cases work out deals that can help reduce costs.

Links and quote information is provided below. In some cases you may find that your

institution already has a deal with some of these companies that might be cheaper than

the quote I was able to obtain (for example, institutions close to major sequencing hubs

(i.e. San Diego or San Jose area) are able to get more competitive pricing).

Please send us feedback as you use them regarding your experience and data quality or contact me if you have additional resources we can include.

Yale DNA Analysis Facility

Yale had been one of our go to sequencing facilities, but this year had to begin charging

users external rates, which led to a substantial increase in prices. While higher, there can

be a benefit of a facility with whom you have an established relationship. Also the

Assistant Director, Carol Mariani, is very helpful with feedback about your samples and

has indicated she is more than happy to help with troubleshooting and feedback for

users. Such availability can be harder to come by at some commercial facilities.

Full Service– Yale will purify PCR products and proceed with standard sequencing


Tubes $6.15/sample

96-well Plates $335/plate

Standard Service– customer sends purified PCR products ready for sequencing

Tubes $5.00/sample

96-well Plate $255/plate

(to set up new account: https://dna-analysis.yale.edu/new-user-account-request)


$4/Tube reaction; if requested, PCR clean-up is additional $2/ tube

$2.65/Plate reaction ($254.40 per 96); if requested, PCR clean-up is additional $96 per

plate (total $350.40 per plate).

Customers can create an account at the link below that will automatically be associated

with discounted pricing. The price agreement linked to Tiny Earth is 3135497 and you

should use this quote number when submitting samples (if not through portal) or when

contacting representative- jessicarhine@eurofinsus.com.


Orders over $30 qualify for free shipping, but it is currently not available through the

custom portal link above. In the meantime, you can order the free shipment kits on the

portal which come with the prepaid UPS labels to cover shipping. Primers can be sent in

larger quantities that they will keep for future sequencing runs.

Lone Star Labs

Note: I don’t know people who have used before, please report back on quality and

experience if you use.


$0.75-1 for clean-up

Fewer than 48 samples send in microcentrifuge tubes (1.5 ml)

More than 48 samples, send in sealed plate.

Quote for Tiny Earth Classes: CM100318-279 (this should be written across the order

sheet that will be sent in with samples. If PCR clean-up is requested this should also be

written at top of the order sheet.

It is recommended that customers ship by FedEx overnight (not needed to send on ice).

Wrap samples in parafilm. Need 10 ul volume of sample. Primers should be sent in

separate tube (not pre-mixed) at concentration of 5 pmol/ul, they want 2 ul per reaction.

Great Lakes Genomics Center

UW System Institutions may want to try this resource, as they have discounted prices for

UW institutions (below is the UW internal rate). However, when discussing with them

they indicated they may be discontinuing Sanger sequencing in the near future.

Sanger Sequencing

96-well plate $350.00/plate

24-95 samples $3.65/reacSon

1-24 samples $5.00/reacSon

Eton Biosciences

Quotation # 7295 (see accompanying sheet)


1 – 95 Reactions: $4.00 /Reaction

96 + Reactions: $3.50 /Reaction

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PCR clean-up:

1 – 95 Samples: $1.00 /Sample

96 + Samples: $0.75 /Sample

University of Kentucky Genomics Core Laboratory (via Lisa Grubisha UW-Green Bay)

This may be one of the least expensive options if you are doing 48 sequences or more.

Although the pricing scheme is a little difficult to navigate and while the 94 sample price

is what Lisa indicates she pays, they do indicate that external rates could be 10% higher.

RES SANGER SEQUENCIN TIER 3.1, Sequencing reaction setup, cleanup and

sequencing, 1-20 samples, $9.94, Per sample

RES SANGER SEQUENCING TIER 3.3, Sequencing reaction setup, cleanup and

sequencing, 21-60 samples, $162.83, Flat price for all units (range of $3.39/sample

beginning at 48 samples, to 2.71/sample at 60 samples)

RES SANGER SEQUENCING TIER 3.4, Sequencing reaction setup, cleanup and

sequencing, 61-94 samples, $195.00, Flat price / plate / per reaction (price range of

$3.19 (61 samples) to $2.07/sample (94 samples)).