July 2019 Instructor Training


University of Connecticut-Storrs
July 15-19, 2019

Materials to be Covered During the Training Session

The training days will be broken into sessions for laboratory work, TE pedagogy, and working groups.

Laboratory Skills:

– Biosafety
– Soil Plating and Dilutions
– CFUs, Picking and Patching Colonies
– Selecting Isolates of Interest and Screening for Antibiotic Activity
– 16S rRNA PCR, Sequencing, and Analysis
– Biochemical and Cellular Characterization
– Chemical Extraction of Secondary Metabolites
– Eukaryotic Testing

– Backward Design and Bloom’s Taxonomy
– Assessment and Evaluations
– IRB/Bioethics
– Inclusive Scientific Teaching

TE Involvement & Joint Efforts:
– Committees
– Data Collection
– Annual Symposium
– Buddy/Mentor Relationships
– Social Media and PR
– Additional Instructor and Student Opportunities 

Jan 2018 TEPI's
January Class of 2018

More logistical information such as travel and lodging is available here.

Please contact Tiny Earth for more information.