Tapas Talk Guidelines

Submit a Tapas Talk

Tiny Earth Partner Instructors are invited to present a Tapas Talk at the 2022 Tiny Earth Virtual Summer Symposium! Join us on May 24 to connect with instructors across the network, engage in topics related to teaching Tiny Earth, and stay for thoughtful discussions and/or workshopping! For event details visit the Summer Symposium event page.

What is a Tapas Talk?

A Tapas Talk is a brief presentation or lightning talk. Topics can range from new discoveries in your Tiny Earth class, innovative teaching methods, research related to Tiny Earth and antibiotic discovery and more.

  • TEPIs will have 5-minutes to complete their Tapas Talk
  • Those who end early will be able to answer questions from the audience with the extra time
  • TEPIs will be able to share slides or other media during their talk
    • If creating slides, we recommend a concise presentation with ~3 slides.

Have an interesting topic to share with colleagues? Propose your abstract and talk title by submitting this form.

View an example of a Tapas Talk