World Antibiotic Awareness Week 2020

Tiny Earth joins The World Health Organization (WHO) in recognizing World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW) to promote and educate communities about the urgent antibiotic/antimicrobial resistance crisis from November 18th – 24th.

This year, Tiny Earth will be hosting a social media event to raise awareness during World Antibiotic Awareness Week. Aside from providing education about antibiotic resistance, the goal of this event is to build community within and outside of Tiny Earth by sharing personal anecdotes, scientific findings, and creative endeavors on this topic. Through this event, we can facilitate conversations about this global issue to encourage better practices and avoid the spread of drug-resistant infections.

We are asking students to participate with Tiny Earth to share their antibiotic resistance stories, provide PSAs and information for their communities, and showcase Tiny Earth’s approach to mitigate the antibiotic resistance effect. Please submit your contribution to these prompts through whatever media type suits you (video, audio, photos, comic books, podcasts, etc.) by posting them on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok with the hashtag #TinyEarthWAAW and tag @tinyearthnet. Get creative!
Students! Join Tiny Earth in facilitating conversations about the fight against the antibiotic resistance crisis to encourage better practices and avoid the spread of drug-resistant infections. During World Antibiotic Awareness week, post your Tiny Earth stories on twitter, instagram, or tiktok. Post public service announcements (PSAs), videos, memes, cartoons, creative dance, activities for kids, and more! Be creative and be sure to use #TinyEarthWAAW and tag @tinyearthnet. NOVEMBER 18: MY ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE STORY Introduce yourself! Share with others why you care about antibiotic resistance, or when and how you learned about this global crisis. NOVEMBER 19: PSA AND FACTS ABOUT THE CRISIS Tell your community about how to safely use antibiotics and other ways to mitigate antibiotic resistance. How do antibiotics affect our environment? NOVEMBER 20: TINY EARTH'S APPROACH Tell us how Tiny Earth is helping to end this global crisis. What are you doing as a Tiny Earthling to study and mitigate antibiotic resistance? What does the science behind this fight look like? NOVEMBER 21-24: SHARE YOUR CREATIVE WORK! Share photos, videos, podcasts, comic books, art work or creating writing about your antibiotic resistance stories and research! Some submission will be featured on the Tiny Earth website gallery.