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Tiny Earth is a network of instructors and students focused on
studentsourcing antibiotic discovery from soil.

The challenges are huge…

Today we are fighting a shortage of effective antibiotics as “superbugs” evolve resistance to our most-used antibiotics. Simultaneously, we face a shortage of science trainees as unengaging introductory science courses fail to retain some of the best and brightest students in STEM fields.

but the solutions start tiny.

Unearthing new antibiotic-producing microbes from the soil can address a worldwide health threat while inspiring students to pursue careers in science. Tiny Earth brings the potential for global impact through original laboratory and field research conducted in introductory courses.


Tiny Earth at Lambeau Field is About Scientific Discovery
From UWGB: Students from across the state of Wisconsin came together on Friday, Dec. 6, 2019 at Lambeau Field to give presentations about their findings regarding antibiotic resistance.
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Birds of a Feather Pursue STEM Together
A team from Tiny Earth will study new ways of enhancing mentor networks among partner instructors and their students in a five-year project funded by NIH.
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Beloit Daily News: Tiny Earth at Wisconsin Science Festival
Assistant Professor of Chemistry Kristin Labby, along with student volunteers and volunteers with the Upward Bound program, will be offering science-fair style exhibits with hands-on demonstrations titled "Beloit College Featuring Tiny Earth" at the 2019 Wisconsin Science Festival.
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The Tiny Earth Network

Our Network
Tiny Earth is a global network of students and instructors dedicated to discovering new antibiotics from soil and creating engaging laboratory coursework.
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