Room A

# Name(s) School Title
15 Rachael Uitenbroek
Emily Baron
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Analysis of Soil From a Nature Preserve in Brown County
16 Angelina Fabiano
Samantha Verhagen
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibiotic Production By Soil Bacteria
17 Maritza Lopez Green Bay West High School Antibiotic Discovery with SAS
18 Joshua Graham
Wascar Espinal
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibiotic Findings
19 Andrew Skoglund
Peter Paulsen
Grace Watkins
University of Northwestern, St. Paul
20 Michael Hendrix University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Room B

# Name(s) School Title
22 Claude Sanapaw College of The Menominee Nation The Optimal Time to Harvest Antibiotic Producers in Fall
23 Carsen Lecapitaine
Caleb Deering
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibacterial Producers in High Cliff State Park
24 Grace Multhauf
Ellie Thoma
Jacqueline Olen
Katie Wiesner
University of Wisconsin–Madison A Comparison of Antibiotic Production Rates Between Soil Samples Collected from a High Population Density Lake and a Low Population Density Lake
25 Kelsey Swancutt
Noah Koenigs
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Collection of Soil Bacteria in an Effort Against Antibiotic-Resistant Drugs: A Selective Process
26 Chloe Barreto-Massad American Heritage School Boca/Delray
27 Kylie Barton
Nick Myers Olson
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Exploration of Antibiotic Activity in Burnett County Soil