Tapas Talks Session I

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Each TEPI will be allotted 5 minutes for their presentation. TEPIs who end early will be able to answer questions from the audience with the extra time. TEPIs will be able to show slides or other media during their presentation.

Time Presenter(s) Institution Title
12:15pm Josh Pultorak
University of Wisconsin–Madison Gauging Interest and Preparedness for Tiny Earth Genomics Course among Current Tiny Earth Students
12:20pm Jason Kwan University of Wisconsin–Madison A bioinformatics-based TE course focused on metagenomics
12:25pm Amy Sprenkle Salem State University Challenges of the Streptomycetaceae
12:30pm Julie Torruellas Garcia Nova Southeastern University Transforming Discovery-Based, Individual Projects into Hypothesis-Driven, Group Research
12:35pm Adam Kleinschmit University of Dubuque A Bioprospecting Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research Case Study Module for the Tiny Earth Curriculum
12:40pm Skip Price Eastern Michigan University Reactivation of Antibiotic Activity from Frozen Tiny Earth Isolates
12:45pm Kim Borges Warren Wilson College Development of a Curriculum Module to Investigate Enzymes from Biosynthetic Gene Clusters
12:50pm Deb Tobiason Carthage College Tiny Earth Genomics
12:55pm Brian Merkel University of Wisconsin-Green Bay High Impact Community Outreach