Tapas Talks Session II

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Each TEPI will be allotted 5 minutes for their presentation. TEPIs who end early will be able to answer questions from the audience with the extra time. TEPIs will be able to show slides or other media during their presentation.

Time Presenter(s) Institution Title
1:30pm Sally Chamberland Springfield College Letting Students Set the Schedule: Giving Experienced Students Even More Tiny Earth Autonomy
1:35pm Monica Hall-Woods St Charles Community College Development of a Free Electronic Lab Notebook for Community College Students
1:40pm Jennifer Hayden Cedar Crest College Agar Art and Student Engagement
1:45pm Drew Rholl North Park University A Walk In the Park: Partnering with City Resources for Soil Sampling Locations
1:50pm Angelo Kolokithas Northeastern Wisconsin Technical College Tiny Earth: Boots on the Ground
1:55pm Sue Cooke University of New Hampshire at Manchester Consumable Science – Using a TE Course to Instruct Students In Science Writing for a General Audience
2:00pm Chris Thomas Wisconsin Institute for Discovery Updates from the Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub (TECH)
2:05pm Lucy Fenzl College of Menominee Nation Tiny Earth Informing Climate Change at the College of Menominee Nation