Examples of AJEDI Adaptations to Tiny Earth

Excerpted from Miller, Kerr, and Handelsman (accepted manuscript)

CURE Learning Objective AJEDI Adaptation Recommended Assessment or Activity to Address the AJEDI Adaptation
Distinguish between control and treatment groups in experiments Explain how racism, bias, and white centering in research design lead to health inequities How racism and bias in experimental design has led to negative changes in health care access or outcomes?
Explain the importance of studying clinically relevant microbes Describe the historical context of racial oppression in relation to clinical research in microbiology How has racial oppression impacted clinical research on clinically relevant microbes, antibiotics, or antibiotic resistance?
Connect the discovery of antibiotics with the rise of antibiotic resistance Propose roles of microbiologists in addressing and dismantling racism How, from a racial perspective, would a new antibiotic be (a) tested fairly and (b) available equitably? How is your proposed approach different from what happened in historically biased experiments (e.g. Tuskegee Syphilis Study)?

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