Student Research Presentation Guidelines

Students are invited to attend and present their Tiny Earth research on June 14th, 2023.
For the event details and schedule visit the 2023 Tiny Earth Summer Symposium webpage.
This event is for students who have completed a Tiny Earth course and have discussed attendance with their instructor. Presenting a research poster is not required to attend the symposium. Submitting an abstract does NOT register you for the event — that is a separate action.

Submit an Abstract to Present a Research Poster
Register for the event

How to Participate

Registration fee: $25*
Expected to include up 2 nights of shared lodging at UW-Madison residence halls (2 students/room) and lunch during the event.

Complete these items by May 24th, unless otherwise noted:

  1. Register for the event
  2. Submit a Student Research Presentation abstract
  3. Indicate your lodging requests and dietary restrictions
  4. Return to the initial abstract submission form to submit your final research presentation in PDF format by June 1st
  5. Review the Student Presentation Guidelines & Expectations below

The window for applying for travel awards is now closed.

Event & Session Details

There will be no student programming on June 13th. Students arriving to Madison, WI before June 14th are encouraged explore the campus. Stay tuned for suggestions.

Student Research Presentations will take place during Student Research Presentations Session I (1:00-1:45pm Central Time) & Student Research Presentations II (1:45-2:30pm Central Time) on Wednesday, June 14th in the Open Court Atrium at the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery (first floor).

Student Research Presentations will be reviewed by guests and sponsors in biotechnology industry and antibiotic discovery. Stay tuned for information about receiving your feedback.

Presentation Guidelines

  • Students will receive a session and poster number (Example: Session I, Poster #3).
    • This will be visible on the website once abstract submissions are closed.
  • Plan to print and bring a physical copy of your poster to the event!
    • Max width x height: 42 x 36 inches
  • Students are expected to attend for their full session and attend sessions at which they are not presenting.
  • Some guidelines for what you may want to include in your presentation:
    • Give a summary of your project (What did you do? What did you discover that is new?)
    • What conclusions did you make from your data, and how is it relevant to research and science beyond the course?
    • What is unique about your project?
    • What methods did you use that were interesting (anything outside of the normal Tiny Earth curriculum)?
    • How has this project and conducting research impacted you as a student?
  • Your presentation should be in the format of a research poster. Please talk to your instructor if you need guidance about a research poster format.
  • As always, please be respectful and courteous to your peers and symposium attendees.

View previous student presentation posters and recordings.

Alexis Weary, a former Tiny Earthling, shares her experiences and advice for students presenting at the Tiny Earth Winter Symposium!

Please reach out to if you have any questions!