Student Research Presentation Session I

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All posters in the session are included in the gallery below. Click on a poster to see it in full screen. During the session, posters will also be screen-shared by the Zoom host. To find a specific poster, see the index at the bottom of the page.

Poster Session Index

Breakout Room A

Poster Number Author(s) Institution Title
Rachel Crowl, Rachel Bonacci
Bowling Green State University An extension of Tiny Earth: using bioinformatics to characterize the antagonistic strain S5D5
Emanuela Panico, Paulina Corral University of Naples Federico II Fire Microbes: Antimicrobial Screening of Soils from “Land of Fires”
Joanna Young
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Living Things Everywhere
4 Nathaniel Disher University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibiotic Producers from Green Bay, WI
5 Tasha Rusch University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Tiny Earth: An Enormous Effort to Curb the Global Effects of Antibiotic Resistance
6 Talia Eiseman University of Wisconsin–Madison The Effect of Lavender on Antibiotic Production in Bacteria
7 Kylie Wartgow University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Analyzing Antibiotic Producers Found in our Soil
Breakout Room B

Poster Number Author(s) Institution Title
8 Jessica Forbes University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibiotic Isolation from Wisconsin Soil
9 Madison Markee University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Analysis of Antibiotic Activity from Soil Samples
10 Bailey Sommerfeld University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Aiding a Worldwide Health Crisis with Soil
11 McKennah Matulle University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Potential Antibiotic Discovery from Baird Creek
12 Amanda Mittelstadt University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Microbes in the Soil: A Possible Antibiotic Waiting to be Found
13 Ashley Wilkins Cedar Crest College Finding Novel Antibiotics Under Our Feet
14 Chloe Ovel, Ardith Bhinu, Aditya Joglekar, Gabe Frist Waukee APEX, Waukee High School Identifying Antibiotic Producing Isolates from Waukee Soil
Breakout room C

Poster Number Author(s) Institution Title
15 Luigi De Simone, Paulina Corral University of Naples Federico II Hunting super microbes: A bioprospecting of pre-Apennine mountains
16 Aysha Patel, Vijay Patel, Dhruv Raja Krishna Nova Southeastern University Bacteria Unearthed
17 Matthew Reed University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Dirty Discoveries: The Search for an ESKAPE from Antibiotic-resistant Bacteria
18 Sydney Wisdorf University of Wisconsin–Madison Analysis of Antimicrobial Production In Varying pH Levels of Different Soil Environments
19 Taylor Mischo University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Exploring Green Bay Soil for Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria
20 Emily Jadin University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Hidden Gems: The Ongoing Search for New Antibiotic-producing Microbes
21 Ashlyn Schnell University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Fighting the Antibiotic Crisis with Soil in My Backyard