Student Research Presentation Session II

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All posters in the session are included in the gallery below. Click on a poster to see it in full screen. During the session, posters will also be screen-shared by the Zoom host. To find a specific poster, see the index at the bottom of the page.

Poster Session Index

Breakout Room D

Poster Number Author(s) Institution Title
22 Kallie Fowler University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Isolation and Investigation of Antibiotic Producing Bacteria In Wisconsin
23 Justin Ferkin University of Wisconsin-Green Bay The Secret Is In The Soil
24 Lily Englebert University of Wisconsin–Madison The Effects of Tea Tree Oil on Antibiotic Production in Soil Bacteria
Jasey Jicha University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Digging for Antibiotic-Producing Bacteria in Soil
Jamie Nikonowicz Wingate University The Hunt for Antibiotic-producing Bacteria
Alexis Otto
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Identification of Antibiotic Producing Firmicutes from a Soil Sample
28 Austin Kolpin University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Identification of Rod-Shaped Bacteria Isolates from the UWGB Campus
Breakout Room E

Poster Number Author(s) Institution Title
29 Chloe Barreto-Massad American Heritage School
Using antiSMASH to Compare Antimicrobial Genes of Commensal E. coli (Normal Flora) to Pathogenic E. coli
30 Kaylin Hewitt University of Wisconsin–Madison Antibiotic Production in Fertilized and Unfertilized Soil
31 Jacob Christensen, Anna Bartelt, Sally Tran Waukee APEX, Waukee High School Discovery of Antibiotics Through Soil Samples by Testing Against Safe ESKAPE Pathogens
32 Marit Simmons Beloit College Optimization of Natural Product Extraction Methods for the Tiny Earth Chem Course
33 Meghan Maguire University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibacterial Activity in a Cornfield
34 Carolyn LaTour University of Wisconsin-Green Bay The Roots of Microbiology and Antibiotic Discovery
35 Jacob Hillman University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Isolation and Characterization of Antibiotic-producing Bacteria from Local Soil
Breakout Room F

Poster Number Author(s) Institution Title
36 Julia DiSano University of Wisconsin–Madison The Effect of Sodium Chloride on Antibiotic Production in Soil Bacteria
37 Austin Minton Kentucky Wesleyan College Analysis of Bacterial Isolates From a Past Class
38 Bryce Tetting University of Wisconsin–Madison Soil Acidity and its effect on Antibiotic Compound Production
39 Amanda Brechko Campbell University The Identification of Potential Antibiotic Producing Bacteria from Soil at Campbell University
40 Kylie McCain University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibiotic Resistance: The Stepping Stone of the Next Health Crisis
41 Casey Hoerth University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Antibiotic-producing Soil Bacteria
42 Vincenzo Somma University of Naples Federico II Exploring the antimicrobial capacity of the soil microbiota in the mountains of Gragnano