Tiny Earth Public Database

At the Tiny Earth Public Database, you will find the public-facing side of the Tiny Earth project. Data that students from around the world enter are reviewed and made available to the public in this searchable, downloadable database.

The Tiny Earth Database holds records of soil samples, culture conditions, and inhibitory bacteria that have been isolated from all over the world and is critical for discovering new antibiotics. It standardizes record keeping and allows information to be shared with the entire Tiny Earth network, including the Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub. The public-facing side of the database is used for ecology research, classroom studies, and more as students search for discovery patterns and novel compounds.


The Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub uses the Database for accurate record keeping, comparisons to previous activity and results, and will be used to share information with users in the future. 

Current status/numbers

13203 – isolates in Database

1550 – isolates in the Public Database

322 – isolates from outside the US

83 – institutions with entries in the Database