Tiny Earth Protocols

Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub (TECH)

University of Wisconsin–Madison

Dr. Angelo Kolokithias

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Soil Sampling

Labeling and Spreading Plates

Making a Slant

Catalase Test

Gram Stain

Typical Media Menu – Making Media

ESKAPE Screening – Spread/Patch

Inoculating a Stab/Fermentation Test

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

Serial Dilutions

Pick and Patch

Streak Plate

Making an Overnight Culture 

ESKAPE Screening – Patch/Patch

ESKAPE Screening – Top Agar

Glycerol Stock Preparation

PCR Analysis

Sample Prep

Plating and Enumeration

Pick and Patch Making

Gram Staining

Selection of Media Conditions

Screening for Antibiotic Producers

Antibiotic Extraction

Colony PCR

Biochemical Tests

Gel Electrophoresis