Dear Tiny Earth Community,

You may notice a few new changes on our website. In the last couple of months, Tiny Earth headquarters has been developing and slowly rolling out new features to help improve your experience as you scroll through Our redesign includes a beautiful new logo, created by Wisconsin Institute for Discovery’s Multimedia Designer, Pat Pointer. This improved logo encompasses some of our network’s core values, from inclusion and diversity, to microbes, community connections, and more. What do you see in the new Tiny Earth logo? 

New Tiny Earth pages and features have been created to bring instructors the most relevant and essential information, updates, and announcements from Tiny Earth through an appealing and user-friendly interface. Most importantly, we now have a student page so Tiny Earthlings can click directly to the video protocols, database, soil permission forms, and more.

What’s new on our homepage

  • The Tiny Earth Antibiotic Discovery Pipeline showcases how bacteria isolates move through the network to the Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub where isolates are stored, extracted, and analyzed by our team. Check back for updates as the pipeline evolves through time.
  • An abridged News section featuring the latest updates and announcements from Tiny Earth Headquarters 
  • A Publications section that highlights Tiny Earth papers from our leadership team and Tiny Earth Partner Instructors. Have a publication related to your Tiny Earth research? Send it to!

Learn all about Tiny Earth

Explore our About page to get the nitty gritty about our network! You can find information about the Tiny Earth course, our history, and the current strategic priorities that we aim to tackle. Want to know more about what Tiny Earth is up to? Navigate the About dropdown menu, and visit our Teams page to discover the brains behind Tiny Earth curriculum, science protocols, community events, and network expansion. Check out the Tiny Earth Chemistry Hub and our longitudinal Tiny Earth Enrichment Study to see what we are doing beyond the classroom, and flip through the Media page to reminisce on past event photos and download logos provided for your Tiny Earth classroom and poster presentations. 

Connecting beyond the Tiny Earth course 

Engage with the network by viewing our Events page and exploring the Community page to see how to connect with the Tiny Earth mission and emphasize antibiotic discovery and stewardship beyond the classroom! 

Hubs for Tiny Earthlings and Tiny Earth Partner Instructors

On the Students page, you’ll find resources and announcements for Tiny Earth students. Here students can easily access the Tiny Earth Database and tutorial, review the general guidelines for student poster presentations, read important student-focused updates for Tiny Earth symposia and other events, and find out more about the Tiny Earth Student Group. 

On the Instructors page, you can find out how to become a Tiny Earth Partner Instructor (TEPIs) and preview what you and your lab needs to bring Tiny Earth to your institution. Existing TEPIs can come to this page to navigate to the Tiny Earth Partner Instructor site, which acts as the one-stop shop for instructor resources. Want to learn more about the TEPI website? Read more here

We hope that this enhanced experience will help you connect with Tiny Earth more intuitively, dive deeper into our network, and inspire you to check back regularly. Take a look around our new website, and let us know your impressions by emailing us at


Tiny Earth Headquarters 

Jo Handelsman, Founder
Pat Pointer, Multimedia Designer
Sarah Miller, Executive Director
Martel DenHartog, Research Specialist
Trang Tran, Administrative Assistant & Research Intern